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Molecules with water

CaSO4 2H2O Can’t add a dot (only a period) between the CaSO4 and the 2H2O.

Simple and effective

Just what I needed as chemistry teacher. Allows me to create complex chemical equations with minimal keystrokes and ZERO menu drops. Best of all I can save them to my favorites. Great work!


I am the guinea pig who threw 99 cents down a rat-hole. I was delighted to see this program for writing and formatting chemical equations. First of all, the documentation is useless. How, for example, does one put an arrow into the equation? And why did the program tell me that it was not possible to balance the simple test equations I typed in? One was hydrogen plus oxygen gives water. The other was glucose plus oxygen yields carbon dioxide and water. These cannot be balanced?? Again, the documentation was a joke. So I selected the ChemEquate support button and Safari said, repeatedly, that it was unable to open the page. Apple is supposed to vouch for these apps, vouch that they are safe and that they work. Well, thanks for nothing. This is an addendum to my hasty, erroneous review in the previous paragraph. I owe an apology to the author of this program as I was in error when I gave this a bad review. Since then, I have seen how actually simple and good this application is. After i wrote the above, I found a hint to how this program works that I did not see before. The hint was the sample equation in gray text that was the Rosetta Stone. The program works just fine and is what I needed for my technical writing, saving me time and keystrokes. I would heartily recommend this program. Once again, my apology. Mea culpa.

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